Our goal is to capture each graduate’s individuality in their portrait. Our studio offers a variety of options to suit your budget and senior portrait needs.


We provide business portraits for corporate executives, small business owners, and government leaders needing compelling business headshots for professional use.


…are a perfect reflection of memory, a mirror of love forever capturing & reflecting back to you the memory of the those whom we love and who love and care for us.


It’s not easy to get the whole family together these days, but when you do…consider hiring a professional photographer to capture those timeless memories.


Our pregnancy photography sessions focus on documenting your beauty during pregnancy.


Photographing a birth is the most magical thing in my career. Words can not describe the connect a couple has during the birthing process.


Your baby’s first enchanted moments will be preserved forever in timeless, fine art newborn portraits.


Unlike newborns, infants are more active and wide awake for their photo session. Four-month-old infants are really beginning to show their personalities with little smiles.


You can’t get much more fun than toddler photography. At about a year old our little subjects are getting up on those feet and starting to take steps


We capture your child’s unique personality. The results are beautiful images of your kids that are one of a kind.


Whether they are five or twenty-five, being able to capture sibling love on camera is always fun and interesting. We do as little posing as possible; we let them be them, allowing interactions to develop naturally.


Your pet is part of the family! Bring them to your photo session or schedule their own.

At Cheetah Design Studio, we use state-of-the-art equipment to deliver high resolution, quality photographs. We are leaders in today’s portrait photography. Our friendly studio environment is great for indoor portrait sessions, and our beautiful New England area makes it easy to find great onsite locations. We do travel to you as well.

Meet your portrait photographer; Lindsey Masterson

"When I saw all of the photographs that Lindsey took of our baby girl Lily, I started crying the happiest tears of my life (other than her actual birth of course). She is our first child and not only did she change our lives forever, but we now have these completely breathtaking photos to remember her first weeks by. My family and I want to thank Cheetah Design Studio and especially Lindsey for flying out to Chicago on such short notice and taking, what I consider, the most creative and unique photographs I have ever seen. Her technique and skill surpass all the professionals I have ever encountered within the industry. We are planning on setting up another session within the year, and I would recommend their services to anyone who wants amazing quality photographs by awesome photographers! Thank you again so much!!!"

Meredith Abigale Park