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It’s important to be comfortable with your photographer, which is why all our wedding photography packages include a free engagement session.

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Getting ready on your wedding day is a very special time. We will capture all the special moments that make up your wedding preparations.


A lot of time went into choosing just the right dress/suit for your wedding day. We will provide beautiful images of your attire to look back on and cherish.

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Today is about you! We set aside enough time during the day for beautiful personalized images you will cherish forever, yet give you time to enjoy your wedding.

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wedding flower photos


You spent lots of time choosing your flowers and we will capture the beauty for you to remember in years to come.

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All weddings have details, some have a lot,  some are quite simple. However, one thing in common is that all the details are important to you and they help tell the story of your special day.


These are your people. We work with your wedding party to capture everyones unique relationship to you.

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The ceremony is what your wedding day is built on. We realize how important it is and take care to capture those special moments.

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first dance photos


…is a time that only happens once. So much goes on during this dance and so much love for each other is expressed during this short period. The first dance is one of our favorite moments to photograph during a wedding.

wedding reception photos


The wedding reception is when the fun begins. Busting it out on the dance floor or behind the curtain in one of our Photo Booths. We document it all so you can relive it later.


Vanilla, chocolate, raspberry, ice cream, cheesecake, elaborate or simple, tiered, pies or cupcakes. You will want to have a taste every time you see the photos.

wedding cake photo


Not really. However we will have so much fun with it (after the wedding of course). If you have a little girl we will even dress her up in it.


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A picture is worth a thousand words but we think wedding photos are more than that; they consist of love, promise, memory, passion and joy. That is what makes them timeless and priceless. Cheetah Design Studio works relentlessly to capture all of the emotions from your wedding day and present them to you.

If you’re planning a wedding, you know how expensive it is to get married today. Many couples have a set budget with very little wiggle room. Things begin to add up…the venue, the food, the band, the dress, the rings, the flowers…and on and on. A popular question is, where to cut corners?? DIY table scapes, invitations, favors, decorations? Sure!

Hire a family member or friend who is “into” photography to capture the wedding photos? Not so fast….red flag! 

Why should you hire a professional wedding photographer? Excellent question! Money gets tight in your planning and sometimes the photography is relegated to a relative or friend who has a camera and may know a bit about photography. There are lists all over the web as to why to hire a professional photographer vs. an amateur. All the lists have the same number one reason.

The number one regret for brides who wish they could do something different about their wedding is not having spent enough on their wedding photography. An average wedding budget should allocate at least 13% of the total for professional photography. Your photographs will be passed from generation to generation, this is not the area to DIY!

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