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A real human to help you with your web needs. Lindsey puts the fun into something very boring. Our clients range from large corporations to hobby websites. Let Lindsey help you get you website needs organized so you can enjoy the less geeky stuff in life.



It’s that time, let me host your website. What does that mean? I’m much like the popular GoDaddy… so I suppose you could call “GoLindsey!”. Only I’m not as big as them, but offer just about the same services and cheaper.  Keep it local, know the person on the other end of the phone or email (that’s me!), and trust that I got you! If you currently host with me, you know.

The transfer is easy- peasy lemon squeezy, folks. Let’s streamline the transfer by answering the questions in the form. I’ll reach out after, and we’ll rock n role!

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